Type Classes

Type classes are the foundation for reusable, modular and semantic CSS to provide the reader what elements, tags and sections are affected.




Prefix Tag Example
address- address .address-content
audio- audio, object .audio-content
box- div .box-content
break- hr .break-content
button- a, button .button-content
caption- caption .caption-content
code- code, pre .code-content
col- td, th .col-content
data- datalist .data-content
field- input, select, textarea .field-content
form- form .form-content
frame- iframe .frame-content
image- canvas, img, object, picture, svg .image-content
item- dd, dt, li .item-content
label- label .label-content
legend- legend .legend-content
link- a .link-content
list- dl, ol, ul .list-content
modal- div .modal-content
overlay- div .overlay-content
progress- progress .progress-content
quote- blockquote, citie .quote-content
set- fieldset .set-content
shape- cicle, path, rect, symbol, use .shape-content
table- table .table-content
row- tr .row-content
text- em, small, span, strong, p .text-content
title- h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 .title-content
video- object, video .video-content
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